Viaeterna for (quantitative) risk assessment. Simple base, systematic analysis, fast track to the right priorities.


Viaeterna is the name of the company of independent scientist and consultant Hein van Lieverloo.

After research and consultancy for drinking water companies (1989-2006) and for food companies (2006-2008) in the Netherlands, I want to work for both industries and beyond. Despite the clear differences, most sectors have much in common and it is a joy to work with people from different worlds on their challenges and solutions. NIZO food research and KWR Watercycle Research Institute are now among my clients, predominantly in developping risk assessment and risk management strategies for the food industry and drinking-water supply.

A microbiologist by eduction, while working as a project manager, scientist and consultant I have learned much about other aspects of operations in several areas of expertise.  
My specialty is quantitative risk management, analysing and managing uncertainty and variability, requiring modeling, statistical analysis and calculations. I work together with strategic
partners in science and consultancy.


Viaeterna is registered in the Netherlands trade register under 17226269.