Viaeterna for (quantitative) risk assessment. Simple base, systematic analysis, fast track to the right priorities.

Your situation and challenges

  • Evidently, the situation in your company is unique. The main processes in most companies however, will not be fundamentally different. 

  • o   Your product is aimed at your customers and therefore needs the perfect balance of performance specifications and a matching price.
  • o   External conditions can threaten your materials and other sources, your company processes and therefore your product(s).
  • o   Your employees and equipment are aimed at a positive impact, but may form an unintended risk as well.
  • o   Your processes can form a risk for your employees (health & safety) and your environment and public infrastructure.

The management of the risks and the positive impacts requires a thorough knowledge of your processes.
You want a good balance between quality and costs. Both quality and costs increase with the quality and quantity of equipment and people.

Because you see possibilities to further improve the balance of product quality and price, you want to change your processes. In that case, it is a challenge:

  •       o   To know the quality of your product and the probabilities of failing quality just as well as the price of your product.
  •       o   To be able to predict the impact of changes in your processes on the product and the price.

These challenges require a systematic approach