Viaeterna for (quantitative) risk assessment. Simple base, systematic analysis, fast track to the right priorities.


Your position
Generally, there are four starting points for an optimal balance of quality, risks and costs:

  1. You think that higher quality or lower costs are feasible, but you are not sure of it.
  2. You know that higher quality or lower costs are necessary, but you are not sure how to get there.
  3. You already have an idea how to change your processes, but you require more certainty.
  4. You are required by a regulator or client to warrant the quality of your processes and product.

A tiered approach

It is important to follow a tiered approach in risk management:

  1. Start simple, from operations, keep simple when and where possible.
  2. Identify objectively the most important risks and process parts.
  3. When the uncertainty about important risks is too high: go up in the risk management pyramide (risk assessment).
  4. When the uncertainty about important risks is acceptable: take control measures when necessary (risk treatment).
  5. Q - € balance: assess the balance between quality / risks and costs, quantitatively when necessary.

My contribution
I have a broad orientation on processes, risk / quality management and solutions and would like to exchange views on your situation, challenges and possible solutions in an informal meeting (phone, web or in person). If I think I am not the ideal person to assist you, I may be able to bring you into contact with one of my partners or other persons, companies and institutions in my network. My specialties are:

    •     o  Risk management and statistics: Methods, risk assessment, objective priorities, statistical analysis, quantitative models.
    •     o  Microbiology:  Contamination, multiplication, inactivation and removal, health effects. 
    •     o  Reliability and availability:  Probability of incidents and 'down-time' of processes.
    •     o  Project management:  Planning, budgeting, management, support.

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