Viaeterna for (quantitative) risk assessment. Simple base, systematic analysis, fast track to the right priorities.

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                        News: Viaeterna is the project leader of an international consortium that is selected to support

                        the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) in statistical analyses. Click here for more information.


Why Viaeterna?                                  

Viaeterna is specialised in (quantitative) risk management, the analysis and control of uncertainty and variability.
(Quantitative) risk management is required for reaching the best balance between quality and costs.
The knowledge and methods we use are applicable to a wide variety of companies and institutions.

  • o    Science: understanding processes and products of your company and their impact on your customers.
  • o    Solutions: exploring possibilities and predicting feasibility.
  • o    Support: if you need extra people for project management, e.g. implementation of solutions.

The approach always is team work with specialists and managers and is fitted to your situation and challenges.